Janam Kundali

Janam Kundali/Astrology is a matter of belief. If one believes it, it may happen. If one does not, it may never happen ever.

Janam Kundali

When it comes to horoscope matching and synastry, it will not predict whether Marriage would succeed or fail. But it can surely predict what would be the prospective problems that the couple could face -

  • Emotional Incompatibility
  • Physical Dissatisfaction
  • Child Birth Problem
  • Financial Problems
  • Health Problems

Therefore it can act like a guiding force for both the partners. It provides forewarning of problems which can be worked upon and can be curbed to an extent. This cautiousness may lead to happy married life.

Besides, Horoscope matching is done to make sure that what is Negative in one partner's Birth Chart should be positive in other's birth chart so as to nullify the negative effects of the former one.

Example : Lets say the female has Saturn in 5th house. This gives problem in child birth and may lead to childlessness.

Now such a male chart should be selected for this girl, who either has

  • benefic planets in 5th house, say moon, mercury , sun or jupiter
  • or 5th house is empty with its lord placed in benefic house.

This will ensure the negative 5th house being nullified by positive 5th house of the male. Hence there will be very less or no problem in child birth.

Also, Marriage is a very strong union of two natives. Both the partners here can be made to perform remedies before their first night to control the most malefic planet in their birth charts for the whole life ( one planet from male's chart and one from female's chart).

Source: quora.com