Kundali Bhagya

If you really believe in astrology and have faith in it and seriously want to match kundli than please consult any expert and knowledgeable person who knows astrology, don't take it as a fun and just match on your mobile or pc by just seeing a score of Guna Matching and general conclusions. Guna matching score is not the ultimate judgement, It's generic, no sites or gadgets match individual planets with each other. Apart from this there are many other things to be seen. So please don't just rely on such gadgets.

Kundali Bhagya

Simple, by consulting with a professional astrologer!

But, don't worry let us look at the broader and in-general aspects of Kundli Matching.

Kundli matching involves an elaborate process performed to evaluate the compatibility factor between the boy & girl.

This compatibility is mainly measured on the grounds of:

  • Nature
  • Health
  • Childbirth
  • Finances
  • Age or Longevity

Speaking in layman terms, while matching a Kundli, we must look for getting the best match as per the parameters listed above.

Now, it is neither easy and quite frankly nor realistic to find a Kundli that has all the above mentioned parameters absolutely positive & perfect.

Here comes the art of balancing or 'matching' the Kundli.

In the event of a shortcoming present in one person's Kundli, the primary focus of an astrologer is to look for the presence of a combination in another person's Kundli that offsets the shortcoming seen in the other's.

For example if one of the person is short tempered then the Kundli of the other person should signify a calm temperament and an understanding nature, otherwise the relationship will be volatile and might break.

Similarly, when matching the Kundlis from a bride's perspective, it is highly important to see whether the financial aspect in the groom's Kundli is sound or not.

Same applies to all the other factors.

However, another important thing that forms the very basis of Kundli Matching, is analyzing the aspect of Childbirth, especially in the Kundli of the bride.

This is because, while childbirth factor needs to be strong in both the couple's Kundli, but it is the bride whose Kundli must signify clear combinations of bearing and delivering a child.

Another dreadful flaw is looked for in the Kundli of both the couple and that is called Manglik Dosh.

Manglik Dosh just cannot be overlooked. This Dosh or flaw is formed by the ill placement of Mars in a Kundli and if not treated properly & timely, Manglik Dosh can do extreme damage in the married life of a couple, even resulting in the death of a partner in certain cases.

The astrological name of the most common process in Kundli Matching is Gun Milan and it involves 8 types of tests.

So, when it comes to such a tedious & crucial process, it makes sense to take the help of professionals.

We urge you to consult with Future Point as their highly experienced astrologers scan the Kundli of both the couple from every angle possible to arrive at the best match and suggest powerful remedies to overcome any & all problems that are seen otherwise.

Hope this helps.

Source: quora.com