Kundali Matching

Usually, kundali matching is done using grooms and bride's time place and date of birth. We can't know whether the time of birth is accurate or not for any on this earth. So it's a belief, If they are accurate, kundali matching will be perfect.


Horoscope matching acts as a GPS in your journey callled Married Life. Before you start your journey, It tells you the similarities and differences between you and your partner. It tells you the possible points of conflicts between you both. It tells you both the adjustment that you need to make after marriage. And if you cannot make those adjustments, you better look for somebody else. It gives all these insights about you and your partner without you both knowing or meeting each other.

Now, it is totally your call to use this information or not. But if you do, there will be less conflicts and it will be easier for you to accomodate in your new life after marriage.

Source: quora.com