Shadi ke liye ladki ka mobile number

She is practical (as your research says..)

You may try messaging her on Quora/ Facebook

Mention that you had come across her profile on XYZ matrimonial site.

Say that you'd like to know more about her

Would she be interested to pursue this further?

Shadi ke liye ladki ka mobile number

You have an option to not mention why you have contacted her on this site (whichever you choose) in this message. (If you want, just mention that since you'd better like to talk to her straightaway before looping in the parents, you contacted her through these sites)

If you guys are staying apart (miles apart) and everything seems rosy on the phone, don't get too swayed by all of it. Wait until you come to India- to finally say the word- marriage. Never commit on the phone/skype.

Don't think 'you are the ONLY one' in her life. She may be talking to a lot of prospective grooms at the same time. She is allowed to do so until you guys are committed or have decided on each other.

This ideology comes from the thinking of families that their son/daughter has the right to choose the 'most suited' prospects and thus it allows them to 'consider more than one option' to 'get to know each other until you finally decide on one.

So don't get all romantic and mushy- until it's final or about to be. In case you need any more guidance you may write in again! Good luck with your quest :)

In 99% cases, you have to deal with girls parents through your parents. Arranged marriage requires both side parents. When you search for a girl on the matrimonial website, all you need to do is to ask for her mobile number. When you got her contact number, You can ask for meetings as well. If she shows interest in you as well, you can date.