Telugu Matrimony

It is great to marry a Telugu girl because they have a rich culture and the son-in-law is highly respected and pampered in a Telugu family. The food is very rich, spicy and tasty, festivals many and the family system is pretty good. Telugu girls balance their personal and professional life better comparatively.


List of things to shop for South Indian Telugu bride:

  • Jewelleries like Vanki, Vaddanam, Haram, Maang tikka, Champa swaralu, Nosepins, Jhumkas, Bangles.
  • 5 sarees for the wedding. One main saree and one white saree with a red blouse for talambralu. Others for remaining events like reception etc.
  • Matching glass bangles for sarees.
  • Brooches and saree pins.
  • A lot of safety pins and hairpins.
  • Vaddanam, if not a gold one, is a duplicate one, but it's a must.
  • New sets of nightwear for after going to in-laws house.
  • New footwear.
  • New big suitcase, a trolley one preferable.
  • A new makeup kit depending on preferences with minimum foundation, lipstick, perfume, and eye shadows.